Proven track record - A Furry World - was established in 2003 and when searching the web, speaking with your local vets and visiting our Review Page you will discover that we come highly recommended including in some of the most important areas such as reliability, trustworthiness and knowledge.

Not a search engine - We are a family run business with a large team of genuine pet lovers. As the team works for us not as individuals you can rest assured that we are accountable, reliable and we will insure that your pet is taken care of even if your booked carer falls ill during an assignment.

First Aid Training - A Furry World are pleased to work with Vet Helen Dennis (VetMB MA MRCVS) who runs our annual pet first aid training course. This insures that our Sitters are well equipped for and confident in their work even in an emergency situation.

Security Vetted - All A Furry World sitters are required to obtain a Police Check a copy of which we will be very happy to email to you for your peace of mind.

Insured - For your peace of mind all A Furry World carers are fully covered by our industry standard insurance.

Home Security - having an A Furry World carer entering your home on a regular basis, taking in post and changing light and blind positioning will help keep that lived-in look.

No Advertising Vehicles or clothing - As part of keeping your pet and home safe we have made the decision NOT to drive advertising vehicles or wear clothing with advertising as this would highlight the fact that you are not at home and, although it would of course be of great benefit to our business to widely advertise our services, we believe that the safety of your cats and your home is more important than our self-promotion.

Recommended by Vets - we are well known among both vets and pet professionals who are happy to recommend and work with us.

Same Designated Carer at no extra cost - when first signing up with A Furry World you will be assigned a Carer. For both you and for your pet's comfort and peace of mind it will be your designated carer who will take care of our pet from then on. This of course with the exception of carers own holiday or sickness in which case you will be informed and your alternative carer will be introduced where at all possible.

Larger team better service - due to popular demand on the back of our success and support in our local areas A Furry World has grown over the year and we now have a 20+ strong team of pet lovers. This is a benefit to you as, should your designated sitter not be available for a booking or should he/she fall ill during a booking, we have a great team to support and cover care.

Ongoing training - before their first assignment all carers receives in-house training and many of our carers already have experience from vet nursing, animal rescue work as well of course as having pets in their own lives. Many carers also choose to sign up for external certificated courses and training including Cat Behaviour and Cat Health and Welfare.

Free Initial Meeting - all clients are required to fill out a detailed form to help us understand all wishes and requirements to offer the best care possible. We also arrange a face to face meeting for you to have a chance to ask any questions you may have and for and your pet to get to know their new friend.

Key Holder Service - we offer to keep hold of your keys in order to make booking your pet care as easy and quick as possible. All you have to do is email us to make a booking request and, once confirmed, we are good to go.

Trusted by Pet Professionals - we are well known among both vets and pet professionals who are happy to recommend and work with us.

Provides care 365 days a year - including weekends, school holidays, bank holidays, Christmas & New Year.

Member of FSB - The Federation of Small Businesses provides us with additional insurance, ongoing support and industry relevant information helping us keep up to date and informed for the benefit of both us and out clients.

Supporter of ICatCare - ICatCare is an international cat charity organisation for the promotion of feline health and well-being. A Furry World wholeheartedly support the fantastic work they do. Their website is also an excellent resource for a world of cat related information.

Sponsors of Dogs Trust - Their mission is to bring about the day when all dogs can enjoy a happy life, free from the threat of unnecessary destruction. Meet GOLDIE & TY

Sponsors of a Cat Cabin - at Cats Protection click on the videos below to see some of the purry friends at Cat Protection.