Joined: 2002

Based in: Isle of Dogs, E14

"Since the age of 6 I have owned a variety of pet's including - fish, guinea pigs, rabbit, canary birds, cat and dog and have also always been happy to help friends and family with looking after their pets over weekends and holidays, giving me a great appreciation of the responsibility involved with looking after other peoples pets.

After many years of toying with my dream of working with animals I finally resigned from my city job in 2002. Although having had many years experience of caring for my own and friends pets I still felt the need to gain experience in the pet care industry and therefore trained in a grooming shop for 7 months before going ahead and setting up on my own. A lot of hard work and long hours but it is all well worth it and I am very lucky to have an awesome support network of family, friends and colleagues all over the pet industry.

It is with this in mind and because I believe the pet sitting industry often leaves a lot to be desired in terms of professionalism, care and safety, I have decided to take up the career of pet carer. I want to help others feel happy and safe in the knowledge that their beloved pet is looked after with all the love and attention it deserves and my reward; I get to spend all my time with wonderful furry friends it just doesn't get any better than that!"