Cathy D

Joined: October 2014

Based in: Kentish Town, N19

"I landed in North London from Australia in 2000 and it has been my home ever since.

I come from a long line of animal lovers and cat owners, and have had two cats of my own: Penny (a Tricolour) in Australia, and Jack (British Longhair) here (pictured selfie-style below).

I have also been a magnet for stray cats since I was very young, and I currently cat sit for my neighbour. So you could say my experience has been varied.

I have dealt with the good and the bad, from feeding, brushing, playing, worming and medicating (orally), to furballs, dealing with illness and a couple of crisis situations.

I get a lot of contentment and joy from cats, as even when they're being grumpy (like my current boy), they make me giggle. I also find a good cat cuddle a great way to relieve stress, although having a 5kg boy sit on your forearms while typing can be quite the challenge! 

Nearly every house in my street has a cat and I like to chat to them all when I'm out and about (what must people think!), and look forward to meeting some more."