Joined: July 2016

Based in: Shoreditch Hackney, E2

"In 2015 my husband and I decided to move to London as a further adventure, career opportunity and for all the culture and creativity a big city has to offer. Here it is where I find myself now trying to build a new career.

I am a registered nurse specialized in intensive care and very much loved my profession. But after more than fifteen years in a hospital environment I`d love to do something totally different.

I have been growing up looking after all sorts of pets. Living in a rural part of Switzerland had been a paradise for kids and animals alike. My two brothers and I were responsible to look after our own turtles, a guinea pig each and a big rabbit. Later on we had fishes and birds and sometimes a hedgehog family in need for a save home during the winter.

Of course I should mention my parents beloved Siamese cats too. In my teenage years I did horse riding (western style), looked after someone else's pony for many years and trained my parents Golden Retriever in Agility on a basic level.

I think this makes it rather obvious that I adore animals, their individual characters and cheeky behavior, there`s not two of the same kind out there! However, I also lived through the pain to loose them and know the worry about who will look after them while I`m away.

So that`s why I promise to you, to be looking after your furry friend as if it was my own and make sure they won`t mind your absence too much.

My husband and I are looking forward to meeting you and your pet soon to learn all about the unique needs and peculiarities while we`ll make them a lovely home away from home."