Joined: December 2016

Based in: Highbury Islington, N1

"Other pet related activities: Animal Hospital Pet Care Assistant

I have spent many years caring for many different kinds of animals over the years where I work, part time in an animal hospital.

As well as cats and dogs, I have cared for rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, degus, rats, mice, chinchillas, budgies, parrots, tortoises, and iguanas, even chickens and various wild life.

I have medicated some animals, but mainly cleaned out and fed them all and given TLC.

I have house and cat-sat for a family I have worked for in the school holidays, and for one of my managers cats who stayed with me.

I have house-sat and dog sat for my friends when they were on holiday and dog sat for two of my friend’s dogs at my home while she was away too. As for my own family who live in the north, I have house and animal sat, they have three dogs and four cats. In addition to this, I have helped various friends and family out when they needed help to walk their dogs, or needed me to keep an eye on their home.

I really enjoy the experience of meeting different species of animals, I find them all so fascinating. Whatever the animal I am assigned to care for, I always give all the care, love and attention and time they need to make them at ease and secure in my company."