Joined: January 2017

Based in: Finsbury Park, N4

“Having grown up in an animal loving home with cats and dogs I can’t imagine living a fulfilled life without them!

Originally from West Yorkshire I have lived in London since 1998 and even though it has been difficult to have my own pet (rental laws!)

I have managed to get my furry fix from looking after others pets instead.

I have spent the past 12 years caring for my family, friends and work colleague’s furry and feathery friends including dogs, cats chickens, quails, rabbits and tortoises, on some occasions all at the same time!

I currently work as a Radio Producer and I’ve found that my experience dealing with stressful situations live on air as well as difficult guests and presenters is strangely a good grounding for dealing with animals of all kinds - it’s all about understanding their individual needs and making sure they’re happy!

Ultimately the most important thing is I love spending time with animals and I will care for your pet with the same love, affection and attention you give to it every day.”