Joined: April 2013

Based in: Highbury Islington, N1

"I grew up in a farm in France, where we had a cat and a dog all of whom that I adored.

My grandparents had several big dogs, then my parents adopted our black Labrador Neville. She was a good friend, always happy to be taken care of, and always there for us.

I was 9 years old when we got our cat Pastel, and I took care of him immediately and for 13 beautiful years.

When I was studying in Paris, my flat was way too small to adopt a new cat.

So I waited patiently to have a job, a bigger apartment, and then 2 years ago I adopted Finn. He came with me to London and he loves it here! Probably as much as I do. 

I really enjoy taking care of pets, and I look forward to meeting with you and yours."