Joined: December 2012

Based in: Hackney, E5

"I have lived in London most of my life, and I believe that I understand many of the special problems of pet owners in an urban environment. I have always been in contact with animals, large and small. As a child we had a big garden, and I was always on the lookout for injured birds, stray cats, hedgehogs, grass snakes, and as many waifs and strays as my long suffering parents could tolerate. We kept rabbits; my mother bred Siamese cats, and we had a delightful “bitsa” dog for several years. My great love during my teenage years were horses and donkeys, but university put a hold on my keeping animals for a few years, although I still pet sat for other people.

I finally ended up in Hackney, where I have lived for some 40 years, looking after school pets during the summer holidays, walking friend's dogs, and continuing to look after stray cats, three of whom I adopted. One of the most important things I found was that when I was on holiday, I worried more about them than anything else, and that was where this company came into its own, with caring, compassionate and very professional carers, who I knew I could trust.

They inspired me to want to support other pet owners, so when all my own pets finally passed away, and I began to work part-time, I decided to apply to become a carer myself, and was delighted to be accepted. I have never regretted the decision, not just because I find that the support and on-going training ensures I am continually improving my caring skills, but because it never fails to amaze me how every pet has it's own delightfully distinct personality, likes, dislikes and unique ways of making sure I understand their needs, be it food, play or cuddles! So, I can assure you that I will care for all your precious pets as well as I possibly can, and treat them as if they were my own."