Joined: March 2014

Based in: Bow, E3

“I come from a family of farmers, so we've always had animals around. We had some larger animals, but we also always had cats, dogs and rabbits about the house. My parents made sure that my younger brother and sister and me always helped take care of the animals. They taught us how to treat animals and about each animal’s specific needs. Over the years, we have had several hamsters and rabbits and I have very fond memories of them.

When I went to university I no longer had pets of my own, as it was not a very suitable environment for them. At that time, I started taking care of friends’ or relatives’ hamsters, rabbits when they were on holiday. I have always taken care of other people’s pets as if they were my own, because every animal deserves to be treated with love and respect.

After university I moved to an apartment and when the time was right, I adopted my cat Dirk. He is a very loving and loveable cat. Obviously he is not allowed to go into the same room as any furry friend staying at our place, but he doesn't seem to mind (or notice).

Taking care of other people's pets is a responsibility I share with my husband Rick. He's very fond of animals as well. He's always happy to come home and play with the furry visitors or cuddle them. He's gets along with rabbits and hamsters really well. Your hamster, rabbit or guinea pig is always welcome at our place. We will make sure they enjot their stay with us and will take excellent care of them with plenty of TLC!”