Joined: January 2016

Based in: De Beauvoir, Islington N1

“I love animals! Horses, turtles, rabbits, donkeys and especially dogs and cats.

Back home in Corsica, I grew up every summer surrounded by dogs and cats roaming in the village, and have many friends or family members who own pets.

In 2012, when I spent some time in Corsica, I adopted a rescue kitten, Sasha, a gorgeous ginger Maine Coon, that I had found in the dumpster! The poor thing had conjunctivitis, fleas and was very malnourished, and my mother and me nursed him back to health, litter trained him and cared for him until he grew into a lively little guy. 

Since moving to London in 2005, I always yearned for my own pet. I have cared for, walked and looked after pets for friends including Chihuahua, Staffordshire bullterrier, French poodle… so have a fair amount of experience in looking after dogs and cats, large and small!

In 2015 I was finally lucky enough to adopt two lovely moggy cats, with whom I have been happily sharing my home ever since.”