Joined: December 2016

Based in: Hackney, E5

“Growing up I think I must have driven my parents crazy every once in a while, as a huge animal lover living close to a horse farm my friends and I used to take in any animal that would have us.

From when I was very little we used to have a variety of furry roommates in our house, from an adorable little curly-haired dog with 3 legs, cockatiels, gerbils, Russian dwarf hamsters, to one very clever guinea pig and regular sleep overs from my gran with her lovely boxer.

For years and years, I pleaded for a cat but my mum kept her foot firm. Before I had my own place I used to cat sit many cats of friends and sometimes relative strangers, I don’t know how, but people and animals always seem to find me, and I absolutely love having a furry friend around. Even though I love all animals, I do have a real soft spot for cats.

Nowadays I am lucky enough to share my home with my cat Luka a lovely black Spanish beauty, who has been my companion for 10,5 years and I couldn’t have wished a better companion.

Apart from my love for animals I have a great passion for healing work such as Thai Yoga Massage, yoga and meditation of which I am a practitioner and teacher. Both have been an absolute joy!”