Responsible Dog Ownership

Basic tips for responsible dog ownership:
• ALWAYS be respective, considerate and responsible in your dealing with others when out with your dog (animals & humans alike)
• Do not allow your dog to chase birds, squirrels, cats (chasing should only be part of a mutually enjoyable game with other dogs)
• Train your dog in elementary obedience as a minimum
• Feed your dog a suitable and nutritionally balanced diet (from its own dish)
• Keep your dog on a lead unless in a suitable green area and then only take of lead if you have good recall and with total respect and consideration for all other users!
• Always “Scoop the poop”!
• Remember your dog’s bark can be a nuisance and seem threatening
• Provide your dog with his own bed.
• Never take your dog into shops, restaurants, library or like without first asking for permission.
• Keep your dog clean and regularly groomed.
• Talk with your vet about neutering and vaccination.
• Register your pet with a vet of your choice

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