Puppy training tips

Puppy Training Tips

Puppy Training Tips


This article is written by: TheVetWhetstone

  1. Socialise your puppy early
    The first 12 weeks are vital in the development of a happy, healthy dog. Once your pup has been fully vaccinated, start taking it on short walks so it can meet other pups – and people.
  2. Supervise meetings with children
    Children love puppies and will want to play with them, but too much at once can be overwhelming for your pup. Introduce children gently, one at a time, so it can gradually get used to being handled by different people.
  3. Introduce different noises
    Your puppy needs to acclimatise to household noises such as the TV and vacuum cleaner, but start slowly. Some people use CDs featuring sounds such as fireworks and sirens, playing them quietly at first and increasing the volume over time.
  4. Don’t rush into car travel
    You are obviously going to want to take puppy for interesting walks, but it’s best to let them play in a stationary car a few times before embarking on short journeys. Build journey lengths gradually to get your puppy used to traffic and noise.
  5. Reward relaxed behaviour
    Every time your puppy responds calmly to new situations, reward it with a treat. This sort of positive reinforcement encourages good behaviour in young dogs.

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