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What’s your cat’s tail telling you?

You’ve probably noticed that cats have very expressive tails. Interpreting their movements will help you understand your cat much better, so you can enjoy a more rewarding relationship with them. This article is written by: TheVetWhetstone So, which of these is

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Getting a new kitten

New Kitten

Getting a new kitten is an extremely exciting time for everyone involved. Just like when you get a new puppy, there are some things that you should consider before you go out to get your new fluffy friend. Our animal

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Cat – Interesting Facts

Scientific name: Felis catus Size: The average house cat is eight to eleven pounds, but you can have a petite six-pound calico or a big 15-pound Maine Coon cat. Lifespan: Indoor cats regularly live to be 15, and some kitties

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