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What’s your cat’s tail telling you?

You’ve probably noticed that cats have very expressive tails. Interpreting their movements will help you understand your cat much better, so you can enjoy a more rewarding relationship with them. This article is written by: TheVetWhetstone So, which of these is

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Puppy training tips

Puppy Training Tips

TOP FIVE PUPPY TRAINING TIPS This article is written by: TheVetWhetstone Socialise your puppy early The first 12 weeks are vital in the development of a happy, healthy dog. Once your pup has been fully vaccinated, start taking it on short

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Learning from your rabbit’s behaviour

Rabbit Behaviour

Rabbit’s Behaviour This article is written by: TheVetWhetstone Rabbits generally aren’t ones to make a fuss, being the quiet creatures that they are. But, as the saying goes, sometimes it’s the quiet ones you have to look out for. Even the

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Getting a new kitten

New Kitten

Getting a new kitten is an extremely exciting time for everyone involved. Just like when you get a new puppy, there are some things that you should consider before you go out to get your new fluffy friend. Our animal

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The Metamorphic Technique and Animal Care

By: Cathy Jeffrey The Metamorphic Technique (MT) was the inspiration of a French Canadian living in England called Gaston Saint-Pierre. He created the Metamorphic Association in 1979, which became a registered educational charity in 1984. He dedicated the rest of

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Responsible Dog Ownership

Basic tips for responsible dog ownership: • ALWAYS be respective, considerate and responsible in your dealing with others when out with your dog (animals & humans alike) • Do not allow your dog to chase birds, squirrels, cats (chasing should

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London Pet Show

We had a fantastic day out at the London PET show meeting old and making new friends. There were also plenty of new and interesting products to get excited about.

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Rabbit – Origin

Rabbits belong to the order of mammals called Lagomorpha, which includes about 40 species of rabbits, hares and Pikas. Fossils suggest that Lagomorpha evolved in Asia at least 40 million years ago, during the Eocene period. There are currently more

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Guinea Pig – Nature

Guinea pigs are very popular pets because of their availability, docile temperaments, tendency not to bite or scratch when handled, and relatively clean habits and many parents select a guinea pig as a first pet for their child, believing a

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Happy Mother’s Day

Latest News – Happy Mother’s Day On Mother’s Day mum’s all over the country will be enjoying some well deserve treats. These will often include flowers and chocolate but if your family include a cat or dog it is important

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